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tv_club's Journal

Like a book club, but with TV
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This group will function like a weekly book club, but with discussions about the shiny pretty people on tv. And with 'shipping. And with posting more than once a week. So, in a way, not like a book club at all. Whatever.

For now, we will be discussing Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy each week in new posts.

When Project Runway and Entourage come back, we'll probably add those into the mix. Suggestions for new shows currently airing are welcomed.

We'd also like to do a TV on DVD weekly discussion, much more in the vein of traditional book clubs. We'd all watch some show on DVD and discuss a few episodes a week. Suggestions? E-mail or comment.

No spoilers, please! In this community, a spoiler is anything that wasn't aired in a regular broadcast. As in, previews that air for next week's show are NOT considered spoilers, but casting sides or rumors or plotline details ARE. Basically, if it didn't air on tv, then it's a spoiler.