Needs more vodka (chickpea) wrote in tv_club,
Needs more vodka

Veronica Mars - 306 - "Hi, Infidelity"

I am so tired of this trope with the femi-nazis and the rape plotline. I mean, I'd really hoped that it would be a good one, given Veronica's past. But no, we've got militant feminists who fake rapes and insensitive bad-cop attitude from Lamb. Thanks a lot, Rob Thomas.

Piz can go away. I think he sucks up screen time that could be better used to show Veronica and Logan as a functional couple. I'm not bored with Logan because of the STUPID Moonlighting concept that you can't have people get together -- I'm bored because I never get to SEE THEM be together as a couple, except for "Charlie Don't Surf." Oh, now I'm cranky.

Part of me thinks that VM was amazing for season 1 because Rob Thomas had had years to come up with it, and then when the show got picked up for season 2 and then season 3, he just didn't have enough to sustain it. I mean, didn't the guy create or lead two great, short-lived shows? He totally is made for mini-series work for HBO or premium cable-type seasons, you know?

Okay, so that was more than one thought. Oops.
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