Needs more vodka (chickpea) wrote in tv_club,
Needs more vodka

The Office! - 324 - The Job

OH MAN. Sometimes, when we get hour-long episodes of The Office, I tend to not like it as much, because too much goes on and the show kind of drags. But this time, I didn't mind it as much because of the insane payoff at the end. I'm talking about two things:
1) "All right, then, it's a date." !!!!! JIM HALPERT! OH, PAM!
2) "You and I are done." Ryan, you sneaky bastard. I love it.

Okay, so my favorite kind of conflict, true conflict, is that it's two (or more) equally valid motivations, and you want to root for both of them, and either one of them winning would have you happy for the winner but sad for the loser. And it occurs to me that The Office did it perfectly, making me love both Pam and Karen, and wanting both of them to win. I don't want to see any of them sad!

Anyway, it was evident during the episode that Karen's ideas of a relationship are different from Jim's ideas. I just think that they dated in a way that was very by-the-book. I mean, they did stuff to do them, not because they really wanted to. Or, rather, I get the feeling that Karen was trying to have a relationship with Jim the way she thought it should go, and Jim was going through the motions. But it looked like a commercial or movie to me, not anything real. And that's sad.

But yeah, Jim and Pam? FINAL-frickin'-LY. I think if they'd dragged it for any longer, people would have gotten fed up with it. I hope that next season opens with them secretly dating, like Dwight and Angela. I read a fic once like that, and I think it would be hilarious. (Um, said fic also had them having mid-day sex in the handicapped restroom on the ground floor of the office building. Yes, please.) I also hope Karen's not there, because, hello, awkward. But the show loves the awkward, so I'm sure I'm all outta luck.

The one holdover I'd be happy to keep from the Jim/Karen relationship is Jim's new haircut. WOO. Lookin' sexy, Halpert!

Finally, about Jan. Part of me loves and thinks it's hysterical that she's gone and lost her mind (and found some implants, instead). But the other part of me is kind of annoyed. She was the only female at corporate, and I loved that she was Michael's boss. And now they've played the whole Overly Emotional Woman Who Can't Get a Hold of Herself card, and that is so trite. I mean, I realize that she went through a bad divorce and then dated Michael and then got dumped by Michael, but still. It's a little too much of a downward spiral, to me.
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