Needs more vodka (chickpea) wrote in tv_club,
Needs more vodka

Grey's Anatomy - 312 - "Six Days, Part 2"

+ I'm really glad they've stopped making Callie kind of crazy nutty. She's so much awesomer when she's not being randomnly, inexplicably strange. (I don't mean the dancing in her underwear, because, come on, who among us hasn't done it? Some mornings, if my alarm clock radio is playing an awesome song, I do a little butt-shake as I'm getting dressed. I mean, like, when they had her living in the hospital basement, or when she was basically stalking George, or when she was peeing in front of Meredith and Izzie (who, though, were being bitchy teenagers to her).)

I'm most glad, though, that they've stopped making her wear frosted lipstick. Frosted lipstick is nobody's friend. HOWEVER, I wish they'd do something about the arch of her eyebrow. It makes her look crazy, or like she's constantly raising an eyebrow (or both) at someone. It kind of makes me crazy.

+ Cristina and Burke! I was getting kind of tired of the not-talking thing, but it was partly rectified by the end of the episode, when they sort of started to talk to each other. I don't know. I'm kind of over this "conflict," in that part of me doesn't even remember why we're supposed to care. I also forget how they supposedly love each other. Aaaaaand, mostly I can't watch any scenes with Burke anymore, because all I can think about it how much of an asshat Isaiah Washington is.

+ George's dad. So sad. I can't really talk about it.

+ But! I loved that it was Cristina who was able to talk to George about it. I mean, she's the least sentimental of the group, so that she was able to be sentimental in a way that wasn't about herself making herself feel better, I liked that. I also liked that we'd never heard of her real father before, since she's always insisting that she's Jewish and has a step-father and that's it. I liked it, but I'm emotionally stunted, so who knows.

+ Alex/Addison would be awesome and has such potential (as does Alex/Callie, but I guess that's not going to happen), but I don't want Addison to do it just because she's sad. Mark going out and buying a Yankees onesie is a cute detail, but I think he'd not be a good father. Also, the cheating. And, finding out about Addison having an abortion makes me love her more. I mean, I think there are very, very few things that could make me not like Addison anymore, at this point. I might have a fictional!girl!crush on her.

+ I would love for the show to further develop this Addison & Callie friendship. That would be awesome.

+ I think Katherine Heigl is an awful actress. I mean, she's better than she was on Roswell, but that's not saying much. I feel like she has two modes: tense, restrained emotion, and passionate, explosive emotion (usually crying, with yelling in the mix). Histrionic screeching is not acting. I can't believe she got a Golden Globes nomination. Seriously? Ugh.
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