Needs more vodka (chickpea) wrote in tv_club,
Needs more vodka

Grey's Anatomy - 310 - "Don't Stand So Close To Me"

Is it some unspoken rule that somebody has to be a big dickhead each week on the show? It's been Burke for a while this year, and lord knows McDreamy had that title locked up for the majority of last season, but now George? Fine, whatever. I get that he's worried about and angry at his dad, but GEEZ, some restraint there, George. I did love that Burke helped him out while they were watching the surgery. And I may or may not have cheered when Cristina saved George's dad's life because she'd been doing so much while covering with Burke. Oh, take that George!

I kind of... like Meredith and Derek now that they're together and have stopped whining all the time. And I like that Meredith and Addison seem to have a civil relationship now. Gold stars all around, people.

I really hope they don't do a Sloane/Izzie thing. Too soon, and not good at all. But I do hope they do an Alex/Addison thing. Or an Alex/Callie thing. God, would that be hot.

Speaking of Callie, I just want to fix her eyebrows so that they're not crazy arched and super thin and scary. And the frosted lipstick. That has got to go.
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