Needs more vodka (chickpea) wrote in tv_club,
Needs more vodka

Veronica Mars - 307 - "Of Vice and Men"

- Veronica, such a bitch this episode. I mean, I get that you're cranky and holier-than-thou and the people in your life are disappointing you, but GEEZ, like you've never disappointed them before? I mean, seriously, so much judgement! Moreso than usual! AND WHY DON'T YOU LOVE THEM ENOUGH?! *pant, pant*

It's times like these I can't understand why she's not so judgemental about Lily now that she knows what Lily was doing. Is this like that thing, where she's always going to see Lily through rose-colored glasses?

- And okay, so I'm not a fan of dirty mistresses, but I cheered when Prof. Landry issued that talking down about the FBI internship not being hush "money" about his affair with the Dean's wife. Also, don't look a freakin' gift horse in the mouth. Bitchy.

- I don't know, I thought last week and the week before were really good in terms of V not being so abrasive, and yet... The last scene did give me hope, with Keith and Logan rallying around her, but the previews for next week took that hope away.

- Vinnie Van Lowe for the win!! See, he can be decent and nice! Also, a human tripod. Oh, wait, that's for something else. BWAH.

- I'm always surprised when Lamb's kind of helpful or nice (or competent), or at least less of a fuckface. I have very mixed feelings for him, because on the one hand, I think he does try a bit to be a good guy (or deliver justice), but on the other hand, he can be such a dick and wrongheaded about it. I don't know. I'm so torn! Also, Michael Muhney is hot. But that is neither here nor there.
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