Needs more vodka (chickpea) wrote in tv_club,
Needs more vodka

The Office - 307 - "Branch Closing"

Okay, let's get started! First post, about The Office episode last Thursday, "Branch Closing."

I am super duper excited about Karen-Jim-Pam. I don't really understand why people in other Office communities dislike Rashida Jones. Is it because she used to date John Krasinski, and may or may not be dating him again?

I am less excited about Ed Helms going to Scranton. Do we even know if he's going? I assume yes. (Don't spoil me, please.)

Michael's ring tone of "My Humps" made me want to die. It was even worse than "Mambo No.5" as a ring tone, and I didn't think that was possible.
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