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Needs more vodka

The Office - 314 - "The Return"

Right, so it's been a while. My bad. Here we go!
+ Karen! Poor Karen, having to find out about Jim and Pam's past history one week, and figuring out that Jim still has feelings for Pam the next week. Poor Karen. I was all Karen/Jim, but I don't want Karen to be the new Katy, getting hurt by Jim because he's too busy mooning over Pam. AAARGH. In Jim's defense, though, he did try to rope Karen into the prank first, and then even asked Ryan.

+ Speaking of Ryan, at first I really didn't like his 'tude around the office, but then I got to thinking. Ryan figures that if he gets roped into office pranks and making actual friends at the office, he'll become an actual guy there. He's already dating Kelly, which I don't think was ever his intention. But, with the MBA classes he's taking, he's probably not looking to stay, and doesn't want to make a place for himself there. So in that respect, I can't blame the guy for kind of having an attitude like that. The most hilarious thing would be if he ended up like Stanley -- really, really not wanting to be there, but still there anyway.

+ Dwight! Dwight at Staples was the best thing ever. I also loved the knowledge that Dwight was the one who used to water the plants and arrange the toys on Michael's desk, without people knowing about it. The more I know about Dwight, the more I like him. I mean, he's still incredibly weird and annoying, but there's a sort of old-school chivalry and kindness and care to him that's nice.

+ How many parties can they have at this office? It's getting kind of out of hand, I think. Last week's episode ("Traveling Salesmen") was really great, I think in part because it was so Dunder Mifflin-oriented. I don't like episodes that aren't about the office and working as much, you know? I know everybody and their mother liked "A Benihana Christmas," but to me, it was one of the worst I've seen. I think that when you take them out of the sterile cookie-cutter office environment, the show loses some of its pedestrian appeal.
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