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Veronica Mars - 309 - "Spit And Eggs"

I think I should mention that I loved this episode. By far the best of the season. That said, here's the nitty gritty:

Mercer! I liked that they cleared him sorta earlier this season, but then went right back and made it so that what Veronica had found out wasn't the case. And Moe! Right when they showed Moe giving out tea in 301 "Welcome Wagon" (the scene with "frak"), I was wondering if he could roofie the girls with it. And VERONICA, for shame, accepting a drink from him when the whole point of the episode was to be wary of what you ingest?

And also, why didn't she call someone or tell someone about her plan to trap Mercer, in the first place? There is way too much dependence on her taser, I think. (By the way, did you know that tasers can kill people who have heart arrythmias? Deadly! Somebody from Post-Thanksgiving Day of Gluttony and Laziness said that during our 8+ hours of conversation.) Stabbing him with a unicorn horn was pretty awesome, though. But that's a lot of unicorns. Oh, God, if VM becomes all self-referential and overtly meta like The OC, I'm giving up completely.

Other things that I wish they'd taken care of:
- Veronica couldn't have pulled a fire alarm while running like mad to Wallace & Piz's room?
- She couldn't have pounded on doors as she was running? Or screamed like Parker did?
- She couldn't have called someone else from Mercer's cell phone, after she called her dad? The police? Or used Moe's land line?
- How is it humanly possible to be unable to open a locked door from the inside of the room?
Seriously, I get that Veronica's a smart girl, but maybe in this instance, she's not smarter than me.

I'm glad it was Parker who followed her suspicions and saved Veronica. Go Parker! Wallce and Mac, I have missed you so! Piz, I never miss you.

Logan. Oh, Logan. The way he broke up with Veronica so he could get the hurt over with sooner. The way he so matter-of-factly smashed the police car just to get thrown into jail with Mercer and Moe. And that look on his face at the end. Oh. There's my boy.

I've read speculation in a couple of places that Weevil must become the prime suspect in the Dean's murder. I totally disagree. Firstly, because I think it would be a cop-out to have them immediately suspect Weevil, just because something went wrong. There are just too many ways that Weevil would have done it differently: there would be no body discovered so easily; a single bullet hole to the head is too precise; he's the one who found the Dean the next morning; I don't think the Dean would have greeted him in that way; and Weevil seemed to genuinely like the Dean (that talk about boxing, Weevil's promise to come back to install the HD, and their general rapport) and the Dean gave Weevil a good job (which was hard to find, given his probation status). It couldn't be Weevil. In addition, I don't think you could suspect Weevil, since an autopsy would immediately show that the Dean had been shot the night before, and I hope that Weevil would be out&about on a Friday night, thus providing an alibi. I mean, obviously, Lamb can arrest Weevil and probably will do it, but if this turns out to be Rob Thomas's way of giving Weevil more screen time, I will be sorely disappointed in such a contrivance. I LOVE Weevil, but I wish he didn't have to be on only when he was getting into trouble.

There's also the matter of 3 people in What's-His-Face's criminology class getting As on their "plan a perfect murder" papers. I'm sure that will feature prominently in the Dean's murder case. Oh, what was the point of TA!Tim asking Veronica to stop by his office? Was it just a way for her to meet TA!Tim's cheatin' girlfriend? Or was there a real point to it? I forget.

I think this restructuring of the season into 3 mini-mysteries is much, much better. The payoff is sooner, and the mysteries don't have to be as convoluted (or contrived) in order to sustain a season. Too bad this'll probably be VM's last season. My poor formerly awesome show.
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